Worship Update

Can you believe it has been two months since we have been together as a church family?  It seems much longer to me. I miss our community of believers, your smiling faces, and your sweet spirits. I am so thankful that we have been able to stream our services for you each week and we will be continuing to offer that worship experience for you.

It is exciting that we will begin worshipping together in person in our sanctuary soon. Preparations are being made for a safe environment for those who can return at that time. For those of you who must remain home for now, please do so as long as you need to, so that you can remain safe and healthy.

As we move forward, please continue to worship with us whether in person or with us on line. Worshipping our God is an important part of our experience with Him as we sing, read scriptures together, and pray.  As we worship, we become more like Him. God doesn’t need our worship- but we do!


Greetings from Ann Hicks in the choral music department!

Wasn’t it great to see and hear the choir on Sunday? Since we are all being “virtual” these days, let me take you to a virtual, “imaginary” choir rehearsal.

You walk into the choir room, and you immediately hear fun. People getting their music ready, with fun in the background. Now don’t get me wrong, you are going to work hard to prepare the pieces, but there will always be fun in the background. You will observe Bill W. giving Myra D. and Bonnie B. a hard time. About anything and everything. You will marvel at the soaring tenor lines from Bob J. and Gary B. If you are lucky, you might get to sit near Ken D. as he goes for the low bass notes. Or maybe you will be privileged enough to join the powerhouse alto section. Or perhaps the glorious soprano section. Be prepared to be so amazed at Tim’s piano work that you forget sing.

A Christmas cantata gets handed out, everyone is excited. Then we finish, and you go home humming, feeling better than when you came. Now for a virtual handbell rehearsal.
The handbell choir was ready to play on March 29, so we will just perfect those pieces. It’s ok, you will catch on. Just ring one bell and look at your neighbor if you make a mistake. Oh, and we laugh as much as we ring.

Let’s now go to a virtual children’s choir rehearsal.
You will dance, sing and learn lots of motions.  We have started a musical, so maybe you will get some lines or a solo.  That’s Ms. Laurie C. dancing, Mr. Bill W. cracking jokes, and Mr. William H. helping you find your place in the music. Oh, and Mr. Chuck helps with the smart board, but we all know he really secretly gets into our candy stash.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual rehearsals. Here’s hoping you get to see the real thing soon.


Our youth are doing well as they adjust to virtual life these days...

Our youth are doing well as they adjust to virtual life these days. They have learned to balance the abrupt move to all of life online, and though they were already a digital generation, they deeply value time spent together.

We have spent the past almost two months meeting on Zoom learning more about each other and learning new spiritual practices. Robby Summerall hasn’t missed a Sunday School lesson! Each week he composes their lesson and sends a text with scripture, a reflection, some teaching, and often a song to listen too. We’ve also had a little fun along the way. There has been opportunities for the youth to participate in Photo Scavenger Hunts, online group games, and join in for a couple of Netflix Watch parties. We’ve dreamed together about the things we will do when we gather again!

We will celebrate the work of our 4 High School Seniors, Eric Conner, Brenton Kelly, Kenzi Rowell, and Carla Wilson, on Sunday, May 17th during Graduate Recognition Sunday.



Senior Adults Are Faring Well!

Senior Adults Are Faring Well!
As our older segment of our church’s fellowship continue to adapt to COVID-19,
I am really encouraged by the resiliency they have shown. As church staff continues to do telephone pastoral ministry with them, we are discovering they are doing pastoral ministry themselves, checking on each other. That should not be a surprise. They have provided a strong leadership base over the years and the love they have for each other and our church and community continues to be evident.
As with other ministry events senior adult activities have been suspended during these weeks. When the health crisis passes and church programming resumes, senior adult activities such as our fellowship First Thursdays and day trips will be phased back into the schedule. Our Senior Adult Sunday in October is still on schedule and will be a time of corporately acknowledging our older membership and thanking them their ministry among us. Many of our senior adults continue in key roles in our church. They are a vital part of Second Avenue Baptist in their stewardship of their time, leadership, and resources.

Children's Ministry Update - SABC Children Connect


Our preschoolers and children have been having a blast learning and laughing together virtually. Though it is nothing like actually being together in the same space, our SABC children have shown up for each other on their screens with an eagerness to be together and a deep love for each other. We have kept our same Wednesday night schedule over the past several weeks for a time of formation and fellowship. They have been busy practicing breath prayers, creating cards to mail out to the Sunday School and Wednesday night teachers, dreaming of ways to love each other during our days apart, celebrating the beauty of creation, and laughing the whole way through. We’ve also met over Zoom for a few indoor and outdoor scavenger hunts, we’ve attempted virtual dance parties, and every call always last longer than the planned time…because we just like being together.

We have incredible and dedicated teachers in our Preschool and Children’s ministries too! Each department has developed their own creative way to remain connected to their class while providing access to a weekly Sunday School lesson. We have a a tribe of Youtube stars who have mastered the art of filming a lesson for their class each week. Our toddlers have repacked lessons delivered to their house that they are able to do at home with their family’s. Our preschoolers and our children can access their lesson for the week through a Youtube playlist link that is emailed. They also receive a matching leaflet in the mail and our preschoolers get a related craft each week! Their village is working hard to remain connected and to continue to provide formation opportunities during these days at home!

These virtual times together are always bright spots in my week, though signing off is always bittersweet. Even though we are usually only going a couple of days between calls, digital faces remind us of the space between. Zoom and other online video platforms have provided us a bridge during these days…a bridge that leads us to opportunities to remain connected. A a connection that reminds us of how wonderful it will be to be in the same space again. I’m incredibly proud of our children for continuing to show up. It is not easy to continue to put the effort into showing up even when you are apart. Our isolation can lead to insolation, but they continue to lead the way, teaching me weekly the importance of showing up and staying connected.