Life Stage Ministry

Ministry is both a gift and an act that is directed toward an individual and meant to be lived out and pursued within the context of a community.  At Second Avenue Baptist Church, we seek to provide communities of ministry that are organized to reflect the various life stages that are present within our congregation. 

Our approach to ministry pursues a healthy balance between ministering to individuals in respect to their stage in life, and encouraging intergenerational ministry as our members engage and serve together fulfilling our vision to be a Family of Faith Being the Body of Christ in the World.

We offer a variety of opportunities for ministry and encourage every member to explore their gifts, become involved, and live out God's work in their lives as we seek to live out our mission of Transforming Lives in the Image of Christ to the Glory of God together.


Adult Ministry: 

The approach of ministry at Second Avenue Baptist Church is to minister "to" and "through" our Family of Faith; this includes ministry to adults.  We seek to provide a wide array of opportunities for ministry where adults can employ their God-given talents in meaningful ministry and be ministered to themselves.

Ministry opportunities include men's ministry, women's ministry, community ministry though our ministry partners, fun & fellowship ministry for senior adults, missions ministry, and more.

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Family Ministry:

It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child; at Second Avenue Baptist we believe that village is made up of families.  We believe in ministering to the family through our Family of Faith, and strive to partner with parents through our student and childhood ministries.  We offer ministries to both students and children that include weekly Bible studies, missions education, service opportunities, fellowship activities, conferences, and more.

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