Notes for Summer

Recently, I had the occasion to walk down a hallway in a college dorm.  If you have done that recently, then you already know that smart phones are not the only communication tool used by college students.  The time-tested method of leaving notes on doors and bulletin boards and other flat surfaces is still an honored tradition.  Most of the notes I saw that day were notes about the coming summer break.  They inspired me to offer you a few of my own.

Don’t Forget Us While You’re Gone
Summer is a time for vacations and travel.  Many of you will come and go several times over the next few weeks.  All we ask is that you not forget about us.  Make worship and Bible study a priority when you are in town.  And maybe even remember to drop off your offering (or you can always do it online if you forget!).  

Make Sure and Do Your Summer Reading
OK, so I suspect this note was facetious in nature in the dorm, but I actually mean it.  Our Summer Wednesdays will feature several folks sharing about our favorite authors and giving you some suggested reads for the beach, mountains or wherever else you may find yourself.  The schedule is inside this issue.

Have Fun at Camp
By the time this newsletter hits your mailbox, Day Camp 2018 will be upon us.  We are heading down to the farm this year to learn about the fruit God wants from our lives.  Thanks to everyone who will make Camp happen.  And please remember to pray for all of our campers.

That’s what our children and youth will be doing this summer.  Our children’s ministry has a fishing day and picnic planned, while our youth have some summer fun coming up as well.  Both children and youth will mark the end of summer with a back to school (I know it’s too soon for that!) event in August.  Details for all of this are in this issue.

Stay Cool
Take care of yourself this summer.  Find some time to rest and relax.  Stay in the shade.  Find a cool place, enjoy a glass of sweet tea or lemonade and share some food and stories with friends.  We need you fresh and rested up for the work ahead.

OK, so those are my notes left for you for the summer.  Let’s have a great one!