Welcome to Second Avenue Baptist Church

At Second Avenue Baptist Church, we are striving to be a Family of Faith being the Body of Christ in the World. We are a family. 

Like family, we share the joys and sorrows, ups and downs of life together.  We offer our support, prayers and help to one another as each one has need. 

We Are a Family of Faith

We are family because God has called us together to share our faith. 

Together We:

  • Believe we are forgiven of past mistakes and failures and promised new life with God through the grace of Jesus Christ.

  • Value the Bible as the foundation for everything we do.

  • Affirm that every person has direct access to God through prayer and is called and gifted by God for ministry.

  • Commit our lives to the authentic worship of God, the path of humble discipleship and the task of giving away the love of God to our world.