Our Organization

Second Avenue is a Baptist church.  That means that we believe that every member has both the privilege and responsibility of direct access to God.  We believe the church is the body of Christ.  Every member is gifted and expected to participate in the life of the church as we all seek to follow Christ.  We make decisions together as a congregation on all important matters of our life together.   We meet in conference quarterly for that purpose and to hear reports from all of our ministries.

While we expect every member to actively engage in ministry through the church, we do have some groups who are set aside to lead in particular ways.


Deacons are the servant leaders of our congregation.  They are elected to serve the church and lead us spiritually.  They provide guidance and input to all the ministries of the church and serve the church directly through the Deacon Family Ministry.  Every member family of the church has a Deacon assigned to provide direct care and support through the year.


Other than deacons, the primary lay leadership of our church comes from our Teams.  They provide input, guidance and oversight to the important areas of ministry in our church.

Connect Team

The Connect Team leads us in our effort to intentionally and purposefully build relationships with our neighbors around us, specifically in our immediate community.  The Connect Team is responsible to see to it that every person who comes through our doors feels welcomed and wanted. Click here to learn more about connecting with us.

Worship Team

The Worship Team works to engage all in the act of worship by guiding the Church to be intentional about how we worship considering the divergent needs of multiple generations and cultures both in and outside of the Church.  Their purpose is to plan and implement vibrant, dynamic and authentic worship experiences and coordinate the ministries necessary to support them. Click here to learn more about out worship.

Formation Team

The Formation Team is responsible for leading the church through all areas of spiritual growth both corporate and individual.  This includes Sunday School and all other Bible studies, retreats, training and resources for the development of individual Spiritual practices for all ages.  Their task is to create a space where each and every member can encounter God and be transformed into the image of Christ. Click here to find out more about our formation ministry.

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team is charged with leading all of our ministry endeavors including life-stage ministries, needs-based ministries and all of our ministry partnerships.  They investigate, plan, implement and evaluate ministry opportunities locally, nationally and internationally with the goal being to engage every member in meaningful ministry.  Click here to see more about opportunities to serve with us.

Vision Team

This team works to cultivate a dynamic and vibrant sense of vision within the congregation.  It is charged with tending the vision and keeping up with current trends as well as exploring new opportunities and possibilities.

Administrative Team

This team exists to undergird the work of the other teams.  The Administrative Team provides oversight to all the necessary areas of stewardship and management.

Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is comprised of the leaders of the teams, the ministry staff and the Chair of Deacons.   It meets monthly for the purpose of coordination and communication between our teams.