This Year's Deacon Nominations

Each November, the church elects a new class of Deacons to serve the church as both leaders and ministers for a three-year term. The Church Constitution and By-Laws requires that the congregation nominate people for consideration to be placed on the ballot for election. The ballot will be constructed by the Deacon Nominating Committee from the nominations submitted. The process for Deacon Election is outlined in Section Four of the Church Constitution and By-Laws.

The list of members who have agreed to be considered for nomination this year or have not responded to remove their name from consideration is listed below. Please choose up to five (5) persons to nominate. Forms with more than five (5) submissions will be invalid. Please prayerfully consider the Qualifications for Deacons in making your nominations. We also encourage you to nominate a mix of members who have served before along with others who have not.The Church Constitution provides for one nomination submission per member.  

Nominees   (*) Denotes Nominee Served Previously               
Argo, Keith     
Argo, Kristin 
Batchelor, Roz
*Brandon, Lynn 
Carter, Blair 
Carter, Heather 
*Cauthen, Wayne 
*Day, Ken 
Day, Nora 
*Day, Rusty 
De Angelus, Virginia 
Dempsey, Myra 
*Durrett, Brent 
Eckroat, Pete
*Evans, Wayne
Fowler, Christy 
Fowler, Matt 
Hagan, Rachel
Harper, Ashlie
*Hill, Max 
*Hill, Vickie 
Hodges, Selena 
Hrul, Bernie 
*Kerlin, Bill 
Leonard, Dafne
Leonard, Rafael 
Lynn, Delbert 
*McConkey, Peter
*McGuire, Dwayne 
Molyneux, Brent 
Owens, Julie 
Palafox, Perla 
*Pinson, Bill 
Raymond, Tracy
Roland, David
Shorey, Charlie 
*Spota, Joe
Spota, Mark 
Thompson, Ed
*Wiggins, Bill
Wiggins, Will



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2020 Deacon Nomination Form.





A. To be eligible for election as a Deacon a member must have been a member of the Church for at least one year and at least twenty-one (21) years of age on the day of balloting and meet the following criteria:


            1) Measure up to the requirements of 1Timothy 3:8-13.


2) Live a consecrated Christian life, and should bring no reproach by his/her conduct 

    upon the Church or the cause of Christ.


3) Attend regularly scheduled Church services and all special meetings unless hindered

    by some reason approved by good conscience.


            4) Be a tither, bringing tithes systematically to the Church for the Lord’s work.


            5) Be a soul winner, striving always to bear witness for Jesus.


            6) Be able to keep in secrecy those things which should not be discussed openly.


            7) Refrain from destructive criticism and be willing to settle difficulties in a quiet and

                Christian manner without hurting the cause of Christ or the Church.


            8) Participate actively in various Church activities, serving the cause of Christ and the

                Church to the best of his/her abilities.


B. Every member of the Church who has been ordained as a Baptist Deacon will be recognized as belonging to the ordained Deacons of this Church.

The Following Deacons are presently serving and not eligible for nomination:
2020 2021 2022 Deacons Emeriti
Bob Bryant Norman Barden Lee Carter Harry Christian
Sandra Collins Buddy Bonner Bill Dempsey Rufus Stephens
Joe Rickman Chuck Hicks Aubrey Harper Roger Sumner
Karen Sablon Patrick Peek David Miller  
Robby Summerall Jim Pinson Tim Rowell  
Bill Teat Robb Raymond Raymond Sablon